How can we create a game using face tracking technologies?

=O is an experimental eating arcade game created in openFrameworks using OpenCV face tracking.

The player will collect as many points as possible by eating the different food items that fall down on the screen. The player will have to physically open their mouth to catch the food by making a “=O” face while avoiding bombs. In addition, certain types of food, such as fruits, are worth more points than regular food.



openFrameworks, Adobe Photoshop


Prototype 1:

Configuring food circles disappearing on contact with mouth


Prototype 2:

Configuring food circles to fall vertically and disappearing on contact with open mouth


Next Steps

Currently, OpenCV can only track one face at a time and has a difficult time tracking male faces. I would like to build upon the game design of not just eating all the time as well as incorporating group play so that everyone is working towards a common goal.