Temperament of Space


The Temperament of Space is a multimedia project addressing our relationship to space; not only as represented by four walls, but space as required by oneʼs mind to hold thoughts in the midst of distraction, to assemble meaning from fragments, and to construct what one remembers.

As a work in progress, I took part in three of its overall themes:



openFrameworks, Google SketchUp, Unity, Adobe After Effects

Research Assistant


Challenge is an exhibition that I worked on as a Creative Coder using openFrameworks. Using the Kinect, I overlaid blobs to the background video. From afar, visitors see a faint representation of themselves; but as they walk closer, their features enlarge, seeing more definitive physical features.



Individuality is an exhibition that I worked on as a 3D modeller using SketchUp and Unity. I first created an indoor environment in SketchUp, then imported the model into Unity to create a more personalized/custom walkthrough of the space using the camera animations. The model walkthrough displays a sense of what the space will feel like once constructed.



Belonging is an exhibition that I worked on as a 3D modeller and motion graphics designer using SketchUp and After Effects. I first creating an indoor environment in SketchUp, then exported people from SketchUp and animated them moving in and out of the environment using After Effects. Dependant on the number of people in front of the screen, the interactive display can show more or less elements.