Propose an update to the main Uber application for riders & drivers to support a new initiative.

UberPARTY is Uber’s new feature to travel together, even when you’re not together.

Uber is building out a product for groups, specifically to support the case of a group of friends going to a party/event together. Groups of riders will need to be able to request for an Uber together and the driver will need to collect them from multiple locations and deliver them to the same destination. 



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How it Works



Understanding the Problem

  • There is no existing (or easy) way to pick up people from multiple different locations to go to a location together.

  • The awkward situation where you’re supposed to meet a group of friends and wait forever for them to arrive

Uber's Target Market

Uber’s definition of a customer:

Individuals requesting or ordering an on-demand service, where a service provider refers to individuals or entities that can provide the requested service. Source

User Characteristics:  Source 1 2

  • Do not own a car.

  • Do not want to drive themselves to a party or function.

  • Like to travel in style and want to be treated as a VIP.

  • Want a cost-efficient cab at their doorstep.

  • Tech-savvy users

  • Smartphone Users

  • Users who value time

    • People who appreciates having a ride confirmation shortly after the need arises

  • Users with (limited) spending power

    • People who wish to save money but still get the convenience

    • They have the power to hail a ride at any price



UberPARTY (1).jpg

Who is UberParty for?

  • Parties of 1 to 6

  • For the people who want to arrive in style with their crew.

  • People who do not want to go to functions by themselves


App Sketches


Sketches Digitized

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 16.50.11.png



Next Steps

  • Adjusting the trip cost for riders to pay their share based on the distance traveled

  • Perhaps teaming up with limousine services for more luxurious rides?