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Vid Main.png

Vid is video journal app, helping you remember life’s moments.


2017 - 2018

Senior UI/UX Mobile Designer


Mobile Work


Vid opens to the camera screen, encouraging users to capture the world around them and immortalize a moment. At the bottom of the camera is a timestamp of the current time and date. This gives memories context and helps with organization.


Swiping right of the camera brings the user to the video creation process. Users are able to stitch different video clips together from their camera library or a user generated catalog to create a longer video entry in the Storyboard screen. When a user is ready to finalize their Vid, they can select a video style and soundtrack on the Vibe screen to product a professional cinematic piece of video content that can be shared in the Vid Feed and on other social media platforms.


Swiping left of the camera brings the user to the Social Media aspect part of Vid. A user can view all the Vid’s that they have captured in their Journal, which is in the format of a calendar. This represents the timeline of memories accumulated by that particular user. Users are also able to search within their journals for specific memories. Users can also access the Feed where users can view their friends’ Vids. Like other social platforms, Vid will also suggest content based on a user’s interest and who they follow on the platform.


Responsive Web Work


In addition to designing Vid’s Mobile experience, I was also in charge of designing and building Vid’s website, which was created using HTML/CSS/Angular JS


Video/Motion Graphics Work


As we did not have an animator in the team, I was tasked of creating motion graphics and video editing for Snapchat ads and video tutorials for the app.